UAD2 Wavelab 7 problem

I have a big problem with UAD2 plugins in wavelab 7.2.1 Build 600 64-Bit
The don´t show up under vst plugins.
In Cubase 6 64Bit the UAD plugins works perfectly, but not with Wavelab.
When i let wavelab scan the VST-plugin-folder he finds them but they don´t show up under plugin organisation menu or in the effects rack.
I have checked that i point to the same UAD plugin directory in wavelab as in Cubase. But with no result.
Anyone who has the same setup and having problem?
I have updated the UAD-software to the newest ver 6.1.0, but no result!!!

Kindest regards

There is no bridge mechanism in Wavelab (like there is in Cubase) and since the UAD plugins are all 32bit - you will never see them in WL x64.

On a side note - other than RAM allocation (which should never ever be a issue for an editor) - there is no advantage whatsoever in installing WL 64 bit. Best suggestion is to stick with the 32bit edition of WL and you will never have an issue with plugs.

Or stick with WL 64bit and wait until the UAD plugs are native 64bit (supposed to happen in 2012)