ubase 7 Problem with havy projects

hi there i have that very annoying problem when i play throw the project sometimes,
very often it stops playing all audio channels in that area where the line was and only midi channel and external synth keeps playing
if i go back then its work like it didn’t load them yet and if i save the project then it take between 10-30 seconds and then it works so every time it’s happening i have to save and wait in order to be able to keep working

now to save some trouble:

it’s happening in all of my projects i have now a project with 176 audio channels and 2 midi because i export all the sounds to audio so my pc can handle it.

my pc is 4930k with asus sabertooth x79 and 16gb 1600 cl9
i have tc impact twin as my sound card
i have an ssd that runs the os, cubase and most of the plugins.
the projects and samples are in D drive witch is 1TB WDblack
and i have another 1tb for backups so no bulshit on that pc

now im frustrated because i had another pc that works the same as this and this is match better pc
so i can’t figure out why the projects wont work flawless

i also use 32 bit plugins sometimes but there only quadrafuzz and m40 from tc electronics,
all the other plugins are 64bit!

i tried jbridge but it says that it does not support quadrafuzz witch is one of my favorite plugins when its default settings.

now this project witch runs 176 channels with few plugins in each one of them only drows 2gb ram and 20-40% of my cpu.

ok now i opened a clean project and dragged a track there for mastering and it happens again! with only 1 channel and no plugins!!!

could it be a hard drive issue? Just that with audio files they will be streamed from the hard drive

no because it’s new and its wd black version

also i took a file to my desktop witch is the ssd drive and dragged to cubase

its not one or two files that it can’t read its the cubase just freeze because midi works fine even when cubase is totally stuck unless there is an error or it shuts down…

no ideas?

i have same problem
it starts few day ago. before all works normally

Have you updated your BIOS and all your drivers? Not to say it’ll help but at least you’ll know it’s not that. Also check if you have the latest versions of your plugins too.

You could also try running the project with say the internal sound card or another audio interface - that would allow you to see if it’s an interface/driver problem or not.

Then you could run the project without the 32 bit plugs just to test if it’s that.

I recently had to turn off ASIO Guard because of spikes. This is a new thing for me because i’ve never had a problem like that, I think it appeared in 7.5.3, so perhaps you could try different versions of Cubase, although you didn’t say which version you have. Another time (on Mac this time) I was getting glitches with MOTU hardware so tested with M-Audio, same thing, finally I went to Focusrite and it was rock solid.



Thanks I’ll try to test everything you’ve said it will take me some time…

Anyway I’m in a big project and can’t afford to lose my projects so update version off plug-ins and cubase will have to wait and also it’s a lot of money… My version is 7 the last update for cubase 7… Not the 7.5… I will buy the update if its goona fix those problems…

My os is windows 8.1 and my bios is updated to the newest version…

I know what you mean, trying to find some time to install updates is always tricky! You can trial 7.5 for 30days before paying.