UF8 SSL with Cubase - Before I pull the plug

Hey people,

Trying to find reasons why I shouldn’t buy the SSL UF8 - other than some buttons not in use for Cubase its all looking pretty good. However, I have one queston which could break the deal.

Using Groove Agent 5 with multiple outs enabled. Will the SSL UF8 treat each multiple out as a seperate track? Therefore, I can use channel eq, inserts etc from the UF8 on each multiple out with in Groove agent.

I would be very surprised if the answer was no but would love some confirmation on this before I go for it.

Thanks for any help


My only suggestion would be to consider an Avid S1 instead. Eucon is a much deeper and more robust protocol than Mackie and delivers much better Cubase integration and feature access including, for example, understanding hidden tracks. I have used Avid Eucon controllers for years and have also tried just about everything else out there and, honestly, nothing comes close. In fact I just demo’d a UF1 and UF8 becuase I bought a UC1 and love it. The other two controllers were, for me at least, a dissappointment.

Agreed. Go for an Eucon device, maybe you get a cheap 2nd hand MCMix and you will immediately know Eucon is far superior to mackie control protocol.


Yes, it will.

My personal experience with the Avid device was bad. The device became disconnected very often, it was not recognized, lots of stability issues. It was 10 years ago, but since then I don’t trust the products.

At the other hand, In very happy with SSL UF8.

Thanks for the replies… dont need too much more integration than whats provided with MCU to be honest. I have an excellent mouse hover thingy and can fly around cubase with key commands. Also, correct me if im wrong but to get the most out of the avid requires an ipad which isnt for me. Would probably get too distracted with the amazing IOS sequencers and stuff, which I certainly dont need, haha - appreciate the suggestion though.

So just for clarity …

Are you saying the SSL UF8 wont detect multiple outs as separate tracks?


It will detect them. Same as EuCon, it’s the copy of the MixConsole 1 window. This is, how is Cubase designed.

Excellent… thats good to hear. Now just need to muster up the cash …

Thanks for clearing that one up