Ugly black rectangles in controller lanes are back

Unfortunately, In Cubase 11, the ugly black rectangles are back in the controller lanes of the key editor when selecting multiple events.
Apart from being ugly, it makes editing much more difficult because of the less contrast in colors.
See attachements.
This issue was there before in Cubase 9 and 10 but gone in Cubase 10.5.


I can’t reproduce it here. Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Thank you Martin for taking my issue seriously.
I tried Safe Start Mode, but the issue stays the same.
Before I already tried trash preferences (temporary renamed folder C:\Users\Anthonie\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase11_64), with no result either.
I also tried trashing (temporary renaming) all Program- and preferences folders of a few earlier Cubase versions, still kept safe on C:\

May it be correlated to my Graphics Driver Intel HD Graphics? Strange than that the issue was gone in Cubase 10.5.
In Cubase 9 sometimes I had the problem and had found a workaround by replacing the file graphics2d.dll in the Program folder by an earlier version. But Cubase 11 doesn’t start up with an older version.


Yes, I’m afraid it’s related to your graphic card. What graphic card do you use, please?

Btw, in your signature, there is you are on Windows 8.1. Cubase 11 is not compatible with Windows 8.1, same as Cubase 10.5 wasn’t.

There is no seperate graphic card in my pc: I use the integrated DVI-D port of my MSI mainboard. That functions furthermore perfectly. Maybe I have to change a setting somewhere? Also as an experiment, I can try to connect the monitor via the VGA port, to see if the same issue remains. Or maybe I can built in a separate graphic card?

Yes I’m on Windows 8.1 now. Cubase 10.5 Pro functioned good for me this year. Earlier I tried Windows 10 as an experiment (on a temporary replaced C:\drive), to check similar graphic issues with Cubase 9 and 10. But that didn’t resolve the issues and Windows 10 didn’t perform better; it only had a longer startup time, that’s why I returned to my drive with Windows 8.1 installed.

I tried the VGA monitor connection but the issue stays the same.
Maybe I’ll try another graphic card.
Chances are the issue is gone in a future Cubase update, like happened before. But that can take a year…


Yes, please try other graphic card. And I would also really recommend to switch to the supported Windows system.

I tried an old Asus graphic card out of my old pc:
indeed the graphic issue with the black boxes is gone!
Also another, less annoying graphic issue in the Mixer is gone.
But this card don’t support my favorite resolution on my current monitor, that’s a pitty.
At least now I know where the issue comes from.
Strange though that all my other software doesn’t have any graphic problems with the integrated graphic output on the mainboard…
I’ll wait a few Cubase updates, hope it will be solved again.
If not, I guess I have to buy a new graphic card. Or else I’ll have to live with the issue (working back and forth in Cubase 10.5 and 11) till I buy a new pc, maybe in a year.

Btw I also tried a Windows 10 fresh install with a Cubase 11 fresh install (on a temporary exchanged C;\ drive). This didn’t change any behaviour in Cubase compared to Windows 8.1 for me though.

Also as a test I installed Cubase 11 on a Microsoft Suface Pro 3 with Windows 10. No graphic issues here. But I only work with Cubase on the desktop pc (which is connected to all my hardware and has built in extra ssd drives with sample banks.)