Ugly looking cross staff slur

Sorry Daniel, I originally wrote “if the Dorico community is happy with…” but then thought that was presumptuous and changed it to the strange phrasing because I didn’t really know how to put it. I realize now that I should have written “If everyone is happy with…”

Notesetter, I will try that to see if my examples will appear.

I tried it, notesetter, but didn’t get the result desired. See my post above. After I control-clicked the link (since I am on a Mac), I choose “Copy Link Address” since I didn’t see Copy Link Location as one of the possible choices. Maybe that made a difference?

b_e-n, thank you very much. That is kind of thing I did to tweak the Dorico slurs and achieved much better results.

In my opinion, your final example of the cross staff slurs is excellent, but does suffer from the extreme arching that one sees in a lot of computer engraving now, even from the best publishers like Henle and Baerentreiter. The best plate engraving of the past, for example, that by the same two publishers, avoided this because over-arched slurs stand out too much and take up too much of the empty space on the page in a way that impedes reading. And it is less visually pleasing because the slurs don’t seem to track the path of the notes as well.

In any case, I found such necessary adjustments to slurs to be harder in Dorico than Finale. Ironically, it seemed that the higher degree of control over the motion of the control points in Dorico gave too much opportunity to misshape the slurs to create unintended bulges etc. With Finale the user is somehow protected from this, which makes shaping the slurs much easier. Perhaps having two levels of control over the slurs, fine and less fine, would be helpful.

I use the Firefox browser and it definitely says “Copy Link Location”. “Copy Link Address” must be the same as I see it. Take another look at my steps and feel free to contact me privately.

Just click on the image once it is uploaded and when the image page loads, copy the url.

Thanks Romanos401 and Bruce. I tried your suggestions, also Firefox instead of Chrome, and a png instead of a jpeg without success. Maybe the image is too large. But if it were smaller the detail would not be evident. So I’ll try again in the future with a smaller graphic to see I am more successful.

Dear John,
Check that the largest dimension of your image does not exceed 700 pix. I change the size in Aperçu (built in image viewer on my mac, you probably already have the necessary tools). Upload the new sized image, click on it, copy the url, modify your post to include the image inside the post and voilà.

Alternatively, use Greenshot, which automatically uploads to imgur and puts the link on your clipboard.

MarcLarcher, Thanks so much. I used Mac Preview to scale the largest dimension of the image, the width to 700 pix. It was over 1000. I then followed the steps recommended previously, but the result was the same: instead of an image, the phrase “download/file.php?id=49216” appears in the post. I can usually follow instructions (my wife might disagree, however) but this must be my error of some kind.

Thanks, pianoleo I’ll look into that one as well.

Back to the question of slurs, briefly: John, are you aware that if you hold Alt while dragging a handle (with the mouse), the slur shape will remain the same?

Wow, it went in successfully that time! That makes my day. Notesetter told me to use the “insert image” instead of “insert link” and that plus the smaller image size did the trick.

PIanoleo, no I wasn’t aware of that, and it sounds very promising. Unfortunately I am not in a position to try anything since I don’t own Dorico. Would I be able to do that in the new Dorico free application?

Comparing Finale’s and Dorico’s slurs:

Unfortunately I still have to use Finale sometimes (because the publisher I’m working for isn’t ready to switch to Dorico). In many cases I’m not satisfied with Finale’s default slurs (and beams). What I do then is, that I enter the notes and slurs into Dorico and watch how Dorico handles the situation. Then I try to replicate the Dorico style manually in Finale.


No, it’s still an Engrave mode thing. Maybe ask for a 3.1 Pro trial…

Unfortunately there is no separate trial license for Dorico 3.1 versus Dorico 3.0, so you can’t have another trial of Dorico 3.1 if you previously had a trial of Dorico 3.0. We have sometimes done this in the past, but we did not do so on this occasion.

Thank you for recounting your experience, Thomas Eberth. If you haven’t done so previously, you might want to go to the website and look over some of the old posts that tweak the Finale settings. As you know, the Finale default settings are notoriously bad for so many aspects besides slurs, but easily changed. With my settings, which are given in the posts, I have to modify only a few slurs. In any case, when I am at a loss concerning slur shape, I consult fine printed editions; I have found the old Breitkopf and Haertel Brahms Complete Works to be very helpful.

PIanoleo, I already did a trial of 3.0. Wish I had waited until 3.1 particularly because of the new line tool, since line work was a major factor in my decision to stay with Finale. When Dorico allows input of multiple individually moveable fingerings for single notes, I will probably buy it if only to see if I can adapt it to my working style.