Ugly plugins

Why have Cubase so UGLY plugins :angry:
Looks like " Don´t touch, Dangerous Military Equipment.

Steinberg please look for example att Waves plugins
they have colourful “play with me” plugins which also give you a hint what they can do

The ONLY plugin from Cubase I used was the Vintage Compressor (CLA-76)
with Vu-meters thats looks good and sounds good.
And now it´s changed it to a new look, but sounds not the same, Please restore the old one. :imp:

The new plugin designs have been available for like half a year and you’re probably the first one to have complained about them.

The new Vintage Compressor uses the same algorithm as the old one. The gain reduction lights (which are used by a lot of hardware compressors) also use the exact same data shown by the old VU meter.

Waves’ old plugins set the standard for how early VST effects should look, but honestly almost everything they’ve released in the past 10 years kinda looks like a toy. Thankfully most plugin UI designers aren’t using them as a reference. :laughing:

Hi Romantique,

While I agree with your assessment of the Waves GUIs being over the top, why the laughing face at the end of your post? As a moderator, I would think poking fun at another user’s post would be considered out of bounds. We can disagree and still remain respectful at the same time. I am sure that I could be misinterpreting the intent of your post and if I am, I apologize.

I’m just relieved that not everyone is copying this style of design. Not really trying to poke fun at anyone.

Thanks for the reply Romantique. I am glad that I misread your intention and again I apologize.