UGLY Section headers in new mixer!

So you guys HAVE to be kidding with the new headers in the C13 mixer right???

That’s the most horrendous, eyesore, headache causing sight I’ve seen in a GUI mixer, like EVER…
I like the new mixer look alright, but the headers for insert, EQ, Send, etc. (Lowercase letters, STARK WHITE lettering on a bland light gray BG) is really enough to make me HATE the new mixer.

I really want to upgrade, but I really am serious when I say I’ll NEVER pay money until THAT awfulness gets fixed. It LITERALLY gives me a headache and eyestrain to look at.

At least give us a color option for that, guys! C’Mon now. :man_shrugging:

Does anyone think that was a better look than the old headers? It’s just SOOOO much white blaring into your eyes! :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really OK with the rest of it. I think it’s fine and some stuff is improved. But the maddening amount of bright white coming from the group of headers is just ridiculous IMO.
Also the capital lettering I thought was easier to read and more pro looking.

What about JUST an option to make the lettering dark?

OR make the header BG match the surrounding mixer so its JUST the font that’s light. With both of them light colored it’s just plain awful.

Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 1.22.21 AM

AND… The inspector is a MESS! WTH??? Text is WAY too small to read now and the “Modern” look is just crap.
Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 2.03.40 AM


We used to be able to SEE when the sections were bypasses or had plugins. Now, it’s just a dinky little icone you can barely make out…


There’s been an active discussion about eye strain. There’s a currently locked thread in which a Steinberg official acknowledged the issue. So that will hopefully lead to some solutions.

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Saw your design proposal. Soooo much better! Hopefully they can fix this :slight_smile:

There is just way to many issues with Cubase now days. Made my move to Ableton.

I have decided (very quickly) that I will not upgrade to this version SIMPLY based on GUI. They really could add every feature, fix every bug, and I would still say no and stick with C12. It’s just an awful visual experience and I would just delete it and go back to 12 anyway. Sorry Steinberg. You’ve finally lost me as a customer…

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some very valid points here. I am slowly getting used to the new design, but there is something very plastic fantastic about the white in the new design. the font color changes color in the mixer to dark for me in the new update