Uh… I guess I didn't need that chord symbol anyway…

Well this is new… not sure what to make of this one :laughing: pay attention to the Bass staff’s chord symbol in bar 15. (sorry the video turned out quite small after upload)

This is only happening in Galley View, so it’s not messing anything up other than the fact that undo-ing doesn’t bring it back down to earth. It sorts itself out if I click “Reset Appearance”. It also happens if I opt+cmd+left/right on other dynamics, but only in certain places on different staves. It’s a fun little game to try and find the trigger points!

There is a known issue were certain things will continue to go up like that until you restart. It was also present in 3.5. It is harmless though and a restart will prompt the file to re-draw without issue.

Well it was a nice little “huh, that’s weird moment” while it lasted :slight_smile:

As always, did you try turning it off and on again saves the day.

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