Uh oh. First time I've had an unstable Cubase - 9.5.1

I’ve been on Cubase since version 8 and it’s always been very very stable, but for me something happened in 9.5.1 and I’m experiencing quite a few “disappearing Cubase” crashes, something when processing with DOP, sometimes when opening up a plugin (a variety of them can cause the crash, sometimes when adjusting latency (but it’s not consistent with any of these, doesn’t happen all of the time).


Is there an easy way to roll back on Mac, like there is in Windows?

Before you do that, share some crash dumps.

Where are those located? Sorry, have never done that before. :slight_smile:

e licenser up to date??

From Martin.Jirsak: “It can be found in the Console Utility. The extension is *.crash.”