Uh oh it's that CP8 again

:frowning: Ok I’m an idiot, I put CP8 away thinking (not goin back to that until a few updates) but after a few days I return thinking somehow it’s gonna work but always come across another problem…
this time it’s the midi key editors…have a look at the pics please…if this is the fault of my system I’m prepared to stand corrected…it’s fine in cubase 7 so can not see how it can be my system though…
if not then how the heck can they release a new upgrade and break the key editor in the process…

the grid? wonky… what kind of quantize settings is active in the c8 snapshot?

Have you tried the Safe Start Mode?
Reboot the machine first, of course.

Shadowfax are you scaling in Windows? You know the screen scaling 100% , 125% , 150% that you can change in Windows. That one should be set at 100% for now, until there is a fix for the ehh wonky behavior in the menu bar. If it is the same problem I don’t know but I guess it could be.

Hi…the quantize setting is 1/8, the same as in the C7.5 key ed… :slight_smile:

I’ve tried save start a number of times for a number of different problems…I’ve re installed windows 7…I’ve opened CP 8 with no third party plugins on the computer…I’ve re installed CP8 three times…each time using a different installer downloaded just before the install… :slight_smile:

I’ve never changed the scaling of my computer in my life…never ever, if scaling was a problem shouldn’t it effect C7 also :question:

I thank you all for your interest and desire to help, it’s interesting that through all the probs I’ve posted I have never heard from a moderator…maybe I should post a ticket but frankly I’d be posting a ticket every other day…

Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That looks a lot like a rendering issue in the graphics driver. Cubase may well be drawing “correctly” at a coding level but the blending in the graphics driver is wiping out the lines. I used to have this problem in the early days of computer graphics but it really shouldn’t occur on any current system (and yes I am getting old so can write early days!).

From what I can see on my system (NVIDIA GTX670) there are lot of graphics changes in C8 involving compositing and transparency the outcome of which will be determined by the graphics card and its driver. I have had a few cosmetic drawing errors myself but none as drastic as this. This may also explain why some folks are showing sensitivity to the graphics and CPU spikes in other threads.

If I could reliably reproduce a drawing problem like this I’d be inclined to go check my graphics drivers quality settings and move the bias from performance to quality just to see what if any effect it has. It’s a long shot, hopefully Steinberg can get it to work better at their end.

Hi robw…are you saying I should check my graphics card or steiny should check there settings for graphics cards… :question: not quite with there (not being a tecky an’all)

I’m convinced it’s down to the flacky software since 7 is fine, it must be 8’s problem surely… :slight_smile:
particularly when I have to open CP8 2 or 3 times and hope i get lucky and it actually opens properly :slight_smile:

If this is a bug then there would be a lot more reports of it. This is the first I have seen a report of this problem - which does not mean there have not been reports.I take it you have not used Time Warp?
I have spent some time exploring all the possibilities and I am afraid I have not come up with a rational answer. None of the projects I have opened exhibit this behaviour. I’ll keep it in mind though.

My CP8 MIDI grid is fine over here. I hate to say it but if you’re having THAT many issues with CP8, maybe the problem lies within your PC hardware. This could be a video driver issue. First I would uninstall all video driver and video card utilities. I usually just install the driver for the card and not all the BS bells and whistles the vendor wants you to install. If that doesn’t work, I’d try another video card if you have one laying around. They aren’t that expensive these days. I’m using the onboard video card on my ASUS motherboard that supports 3 monitors simultaneously and it’s screaming fast including redrawing videos in my Cubase A/V projects.

Hi cmafia, I’ve updated everything…never been so up to date, my video card is fine…been using (trying) cubase 8 with no 3rd party plugins even on the computer…and 7 works great…I’m pleased for you but lots of peeps are having lots of probs and somewhere…somehow, it’s got to be something to do with CP8…they are even having to fix the metronome in the next update…how shoddy is that…Cubase is the dogs bollocks…don’t get me wrong, just think they’ve treated their customer base badly with this ‘‘early’’ release…

best, Kevin

You haven’t got the tempo track switched on have you and accidently recorded a tempo change?

Nope…never even ever used a tempo track, I’m not a power user of Cubase…I use it like it was a big tape recorder…

thanks for looking in though, I’m convinced that these probs will go away when the next update comes…the fact that Steinberg have had to knock out 2 updates very quickly indicates that this was released too early…they’ve caused a lot of probs and wasted a lot of peoples time with this cynical release…IMHO…sorry to be so hard on steiny because Cubase is a fantastic DAW…
but for them I think business and money comes first…they know that people like me just find it too hard to change DAW’s

best, Kevin

Not suggesting your out of date with drivers, I’m saying you may have a driver conflict. Also saying you’re working in 7 and not 8 doesn’t mean you couldn’t have a hardware conflict. 8 handles graphics much different than 7 and it may very well be that CP8 is revealing a possible issue with your system. Like someone pointed out, if this was a legitimate bug then all of us would be screaming “me too”. Lastly don’t assume it’s going to get fixed in a near future update especially if you haven’t opened a ticket. Things don’t get fixed unless Steinberg duplicates the issue and assigns it an issue ID#. I had a very similar graphics problem going from 6.5 to 7. No problem in 6 and problems in 7. Problem never went away until I replaced the motherboard. Wasn’t version 7’ fault, it was the crappy Intel board I was using. My suggestion still stands with uninstalling your video driver and utilities and install only the driver and not the utilities. If that doesn’t work I’d open a ticket with Steinberg to see what they say especially if this glitch is a show stopper for you.

I hear what you say my friend and I thank you for your help, I intend to wait until the next up date (which will not be long now) because I believe this release is a mess, an update just recently and another due in Feb confirms this…if my issues don’t disappear after said update I will then take the course of action you advocate…the daw in it’s current state is too flaky for me to know for sure that it’s my system and I don’t wanna spend more time and money before the next update, after that I can be more sure…I really can’t get my head round ‘‘CP8 handling graphics so differently’’ as you say…that it renders my key editor useless…why the key editor? what in my system could be wrong that it makes the key editor go wrong…on CP8 and not C7.5…
I will post results as soon as I have the new update…if the problem still persists (among the others) I will apologize profusely…and take your course of action… :slight_smile:

thanks again…Kevin :slight_smile:

Kevin. Did You try loading cp8 in safe mode to see if the problem lays somewhere in your preferences?

bottom line is that if 7.5 is working perfectly in the editor then why is C8 shonky…?

telling him cmaffia its all about drivers and its his problem is a bit lame. C8 should work just as well as 7.5 does with the same installed drivers. these two releases are not worlds apart. they are not even 12 months apart. they should both worth with the same drivers the same way.

i would say …sit it out until the next release (as i am doing) hehe

Hi cmafia…I haven’t actually got any ( assuming you mean prefs set by me) preferences in CP8 and have started n safe mode more times than I can remember…Kevin :slight_smile:

my feelings exactly and i wll be waiting for the next update to see what happens, I do appreciate peoples efforts (such as cmafia) to help and make suggestions but the confidence they have that if their’s is working then every one else’s should be working is perhaps a little naive I say this with much respect to people who know a damn sight more than me… :slight_smile:
and wish everybody the best.