Uhm...If I upgraded to C6....can I uninstall C5?

Probly a dumb question. But I didnt want to take the chance and uninstall C5 and have C6 give me some kind of weird license error…

Along those lines…what’s to prevent me from selling/giving away C5? Oh wait…I still need the license on the dongle I bet for C6 to operate maybe?

Basically, a lot of times I find the .cpr file that I want to open and I double-click on it and OH SHIT WAIT…it ALWAYS uses C5 to open by default. Its a big pain in the ass. Just want to uninstall C5 already so C6 will open by default.

Is there another way to get .cpr’s to open with C6 by default?


If you upgraded from C5 to C6, then your C5 license has become your C6 license (there is no more separate C5 license). Therefore, if you upgraded, there is no C5 license to sell or give away.
You can uninstall C5 from the computer. This won’t affect the license.

  1. Right-click on a file of the .cpr type
  2. Hover over “Open With” until a sub-menu pops up
  3. Select “Choose default program” at the bottom of that sub-menu
  4. In the opened dialog, make sure that “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” is checked
  5. If Cubase 6 is not in the list of Recommended programs or Other programs, click “Browse”
  6. Once Cubase 6 is selected, click OK

Thank you thats like a perfect answer lol…

One other thing, I kinda remember installing the Groove Agent library separately and in a diff location. In other words, I dont have to worry about losing the library by uninstalling C5. Is that correct?


I’m going by my C6 installation here:

The main program and content are different entries in the windows “Programs and Features” control panel.

So it shouldn’t be uninstalled if you just uninstall Cubase 5.