UI and macOS

To those who were already brave enough or though other features were enough reason to update: Any thoughts on UI lag and version 10 on macOS? Is there a noticeable improvement in sight?

This is the single biggest blocker for me currently…

They fixed it finally, running Mojave and it is super responsive. Mavericks was the most fluid with GUI responsiveness but this is just as good now with Cubase 10 and Mojave. I can’t believe they finally got it this fluid!

Unfortunately for me my 2011 iMac won’t update to Mojave. Can anyone confirm how the GUI is performing on High Sierra?

I’m still having lag but it’s definitely better than previous versions. Btw I’m on mojave

I think they improved it, but finally I can say more in a couple of days :wink:

Response in 10 is snappy. I had no complaints in 9.5.x either.

Much more responsive here, I’m on High Sierra.


It is better, but still not as good as Live or Logic.

On a top spec 2012 iMac running Sierra the gui is much improved. Just resizing is noticeably smoother but I’ll try a huge project later and see what happens

I will know in a few minutes and report back…

Update: Need to do more testing but… YES!!! So far it seems to be much much smoother. Mixer still lags a bit but nothing compared to what it did before in 9.5. Very promising so far… but still will need to do more testing… so far so good!

macOS 10.13.6

I worked today all day on 10 and it seems fluid here on High Sierra. Mixer needs to be a little bit more snapier but it seems ok (same as 9.5). I didn’t notice any improvement over 9.5 which was already running smooth here. (9.0 was terrible on my system)

i have cubase pro 10, hackintosh with gtx1050 and high sierra.

the point is that cubase 10 UI is pretty good responsive on 4K monitors if scaling is set to MAXimized in display preferences. monitos itselves are 27 inches. so it equals to UHD scaling.
problem is that i don’t see UI very well with that scaling. all fonts are so darn small that i have to put my face against the screen most of the time… if i want to make system scale bigger to see more, then lag appears in cubase.

anyone knows any cure for that? is there possibility to make cubase 10 pro font appearance bigger if using 4K?. like in safari i can say that don’t show font less sized than 20 or smtthng like that.


btw- ableton has zoom display function : /