UI Freezing when selecting "allow window to be resized"

Using plugins, such as UAD, and selecting “allow window to be resized” results in a frozen UI.

The UI update is almost there! So i have to give props for the right direction, but still not quite! Also, making this option global would be nice!

HiDPi, to the furnace! At the Windows 125% scale, UAD plugins do not run either the interface or the plugins themselves! At the same time, on different plugins of the GUI, “broken” in different ways. Even the operating plug-in, when you switch to “Allow Window to be Resized” mode, turns off {the plug-in does not hang, but bluntly turns off}. Next, only rebooting the plug-in solves the problem. With a Windows scale of 100%, everything is fine. Do I have a mind, how can a picture affect the operation of algorithms?
Maybe I’m the only one?
NVidia 1050Ti, drivers are fresh.

Interesting, it just freezes (but still works) when I “allow window to be resized”. I am hoping they will address this bug in the obvious upcoming update.


Just checked, can confirm, same issue.