UI Graphics MixConsole Window problem

So…there’s one thing I don’t understand:

This is really not about comparing DAWs, but since I was a long time Pro Tools user, I do compare things occasionally.
(I am currently using Cubase 8.5, but I saw this issue didn’t change in C9, so I might as well post it here…)
I use mainly one screen, F3 to switch from Mix- to Edit-view.
Now, some of you know about the problem with the mixer channel width not being remembered when you open MixConsole (mine opens at max width 8 out of 10 times). Also, on my new i7 6900k Windows10 system with a 6gb graphics card, the MixConsole window takes >1 second to load the graphics from a white window. !Every time I switch to MixConsole! The Project Window doesn’t do this, cause it stays loaded the whole time.

My question is: why does pressing F3 close the MixConsole entirely? It could just alternate which window is on top (Project Window <-> Mix Console, as it does in Pro Tools). This would also rid of the problem with the channel width, since it doesn’t have to recall anything it doesn’t close.

It certainly seems simple. Or am I missing something? I have no idea about coding, and probably there is a reason for this, but it’s just so frustrating to have things like this interrupt the workflow.
I was working with C8 on a Mac 10.10.5, and I never had this problem. But then, OSX and Microsoft Windows handle maximized windows differently…

Some of you might say “use C9 and the Lower Zone Mixer then”.
The thing is:

  • The zoom problem persists, sometimes
  • I can’t scroll horizontally with the mousewheel (???)

plus, C9 has been less stable for me, and I still prefer F3 (in theory) to have a really good overview, including Inserts, Sends, Gain, EQ, when I’m in Mixer View.

And while I’m at it: 2017, and still no support for HiRes graphics…

Please Steinberg people, let us know what’s up. You have the chance to make me and many other users happy again! Cause, when it works, Cubase is (still?) the best one out there.


made a support request out of this topic now.
I’ll post the answer if/when I get one

… as a work-around you can use Ctrl-TAB to cycle the focus of windows currently open. This will also include plugin / vsti windows, but at least it’s a usable workaround for the time being.

thanks FishCorp!
Pretty cool. while it doesn’t cycle Plugin windows, it does include any of Cubase’s own windows (channel settings etc.). but it’s still faster than F3

No response from Steinberg team so far…

I found another pretty good workaround: I have a Mouse with some extra buttons. Using X-Mouse Button Control (free app), I use 2 buttons to scroll through the different Desktops
desktop 1: Edit Window, 2: MixConsole, 3: VE Pro local instance, 4: Remote Desktop (VE Pro on Slave Computer).

This works very well for me.

Good lord, I wish they’d make the bloody F1 button available to hotkey mapping…I’d be too nice to be able to switch between Project Window and the mixers without screen refreshes using the F1-4 buttons.

Page up and Page down isn’t accessible either.

This obviousy only given there’s a Key Command to display the Project Window which I couldn’t find fsr. Is anyone aware of such thing? With this, I could use Autohotkey to override F1- please let me know if there is.

F1 for the help is a real ball buster, how pointless can it get really.

Cheers in advance!


Alright, got it to work. For those interested, here’s how I did it:

  • get KeyTweak, a free remapping utility

  • map the F1 key elsewhere, I put mine on F11 (never use it). You can of course choose a different one, but it has got to live elsewhere in order to be out of the way. If you find a way to entirely disable the Help shortcut, please let me know.

  • in the Key Commands, type “front” into the search, it should return sth like: “bring (Project Window) to front” and map it to F10

  • now in KeyTweak again, map F10 to key 112 ( formerly F1 )

Et voilà, you should now be able to enjoy accessing the Project Window and three Mixers on the F1-F4-Keys…without screen refreshes as long as you don’t hit any key twice and thus shut them.

Bare in mind these are global (registry changes). In case you need these Keys for anything else you would need to adjust against it.

thanks lord, i might try that out.
though I’m quite happy with the virtual desktops solution now (kinda same result I guess).

still feels odd that we need a workaround for this stuff…

Well in my iPad app I’m designing I have the same problem when using key commands,but I’m going to try setting up the mouse to click a blank part of the window when accessing that menu,you c an put x,y pixels for mouse position and script to click

To offer a simple answer - because historically within Cubase that is exactly how its worked for decades :smiley:
F3 has served one function - open and close the main mixer window.