UI inconsistency

This is one of those small things that makes all the difference.

The main UI of Cubase 8 is beautiful. I love it.

But when I go “behind” the main UI, to windows such as the Key Commands dialogue, or the Fade dialogue, it feels like I’m stepping back in time to a much older version of Cubase. Windows has this same problem–Windows 10 looks fantastic on the outside, but the “deeper” you go into the OS, the more it looks like Windows 98.

We can probably all agree that “more users = good” for Cubase, as this would bring in more money and therefore a better Cubase. And these sorts of issues can really turn off potential users–especially those coming from Logic or Ableton, which have extremely consistent UI’s (and good looking ones to boot). An inconsistent UI makes the experience of using a product janky.

Furthermore, over the years the general public has put more and more importance on a beautiful, consistent UI.

I can’t imagine that it would be all that difficult to bring the areas that are a little behind the times up to speed for Cubase 9–or at least not as difficult and resource-consuming as the development of some new plugin Steinberg is no doubt putting together.

Please consider this, developers!

Agree. There are numerous if inconsistent things like


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