UI is corrupted after 10.5 update

So I updated cubase and now my interface is jacked up with what appears to be lines/boxes being progressively drawn around text and objects in the UI. It does clear up if I mouse over them, but the product is now completely unusable :open_mouth: . I’ve filed a support ticket, but thought I would reach out to the community to see if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a known fix. any help would be greatly appreciated.

see attached image which is a screenshot of what I’m seeing as the UI being jacked up.
(ps. I’ve tried reinstall but to no avail…
my system is i9-9900K (not overclocked), 32GB 3200DDR4 memory, a few EVO 970 plus NVME’s, RTX 2080Super, NI Audio 6

Hi and welcome,

Oh wow, I have never seen this. Thats really nice. :slight_smile: Sorry…

Could you try to experiment with your graphical card driver, please? Maybe even try to use generic Microsoft graphic driver instead of the vendor driver.