UI Issue, can't read MIDI drop down menu

Hi, I can’t read the text or enlarge this box. This is when accessing VEP (instrument track) and trying to assign a MIDI track to a midi port. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I’m not sure but it’s possible you could scroll horizontally in order to see the rest of the text. I agree that this seems to be a problem.

The horizontal scroll is disabled on this menu, so that’s why I suspect it is a UI related bug. I found a temporary workaround by hovering the mouse over the selection to reveal the complete name, but there is no solution that I’ve found. Cubase 13 on Windows 11.

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Okay. Hopefully they’ll resolve this it’s an interesting dilemma. If any Steinberg UX folks are reading this, it looks like this dropdown menu isn’t wide enough to compensate for parameter names and file tree structures. Maybe we need a much larger window to address this?