UI Issues with Halion 6/Halion Sonic/Groove Agent (solved)

Has anyone else had this issue with Halion 6 et al and if so, is there a fix?

Platform: Windows 7 64-bit (with all the service packs and updates)

Drop down/Pop up menus in a few of the VST Instruments in Absolute 4 are either not being populated or failing to display correctly. All that is being generated is a blank grey rectangle in most cases.

The VST plugins affected are:

Halion 6
Halion Sonic 3
The Grand 3
Groove Agent 5
Padshop Pro

Plugins that work (and have a different, more modern UI):

Hypnotic Dance
Dark Planet
Symphonic Orchestra

I’ve added a link to an unlisted YouTube Video illustrating the issue: https://youtu.be/j_3LSF34pCY (2 mins)

Unfortunately for me, most of these plugins are pretty much unusable from either a sound design or performance perspective, being unable to alter basic parameters on synths, MIDI learn controls, even the MIDI input ports used in Standalone mode.

I’ve also submitted a ticket to ‘support’ but haven’t had a response in over 12 days. According to the online shop, since I have used the activation code, I’m stuck with this seemingly half baked product now and can’t get a refund, so any help to get it working properly (hopefully without having to build another computer for it specifically) would be appreciated.


Got a response to this, and it has been sorted:

Apparently, the plugins that were appearing to malfunction require Aero settings on Windows 7 to be enabled:


I didn’t get this error message, but this appears to have been the issue.

Whenever I have set up Win7 machines, I have always tuned them for best performance i.e System Properties > Performance Options > Adjust for best performance.
This disables “Aero” automatically. In order to restore functionality, at a bare minimum you have to have “Enable desktop composition” and “Use visual styles on windows and buttons” checked.