UI Issues

Some more thought needs to be put into the UI. It’s just awful in places.

Why are the chords for the notes I’ve right clicked the only ones shown?

Now, I know I have lots of plugins, but this is crazy

Can we have it so when you click on the text, it opens/collapses the folder?


The white outline on all of the popups is just odd, and like nothing I’ve ever seen in any software


same applies to the icons, it feels like a windows 3.1 app


Nothing appears to be deletable by pressing the Delete key, which is the most common UI metaphor in existence.



This is perhaps the most awful dialog box I’ve ever seen. It opens with both horizontal and vertical scroll bars before I’ve even done anything…

There is also a massive issue the fact that the VST windows are forced on top. When updating a Kontakt instrument, Kontakt will ask you to confirm you want to overwrite. The dialog that pops up to do this gets stuck behind the Kontakt window and it’s impossible to click ok. You can’t bring it to the front whatever you do.

Also, the manual installed to the C:\ drive is empty

Why when I run the app, does it associate itself with Cantabile?

What is this that appeared in my start menu? It appears to just load VSTLive?


There’s no intellisense anywhere. A tool tip when hovering over the icons would be really helpful

No zoom in/out ability on the grid

I’ll leave you with those for now. I had really high hopes for this software and bought it within minutes of seeing the YouTube demo. So far though, it just feels incomplete and rushed out. Nothing like a normal Steinberg App.

Rightly or wrongly, I expected it to look and feel like Cubase and use the same design/layout where applicable. It just feels disjointed.

Hi Paul,

we are doing our very best to get your critics and wishes resolved. Stay tuned.

See you,

Some reply (763 mails and 63 forum and beta entries and 79 issues ahead ):

I don’t understand that question, those are all that are available with the bottom options?

Sorry those were forgotten residuals, removed next version as well as all capital menus.

Also fixed

We have no idea as of yet, this is really weird. The extensions are different, so why? If anybody finds out anything pls. let us know.

Also no idea but I guess this is a different issue (possibly Windows problem).

What grid?

While it’s not Cubase, we try.

There should a way to add folders to group plugins