UI not refreshed when bottom panel is opened

First, congrats for all the new features in the version 1.1! I was waiting for a while for the Go to… and filters so the workflow is now much faster.

I just noticed a bug while working on version 1.1. Any action we do while the bottom panel is opened doesn’t show on screen. The UI is only refreshed when we scroll the score.

Does this happen to other users?

I use a iMac late-2015 under MacOS Sierra.

I’ve had a similar problem that was resolved (surprisingly!) by using Mac’s FontBook to remove all fonts that had a warning (usually duplicates or very old). I had the idea to try this because this was the solution to a previous audio software problem that took 1/2 a year to figure out. Hope this solution works for you as well – if not, you will have cleaned up your fonts.

Thanks Kevin! I removed the duplicate fonts and indeed it has fixed the bug.

All of my fonts passed (no warnings found) but I’m still experience the refreshing issue described above. Any other ideas?
Thanks so much!

Does the problem occur at all times? Does it persist if you restart Dorico?