UI Not Visible in Release Target

I have made a simple gain plugin with a custom UI that has only one knob. I have finished everything so I make the Release version. The problem is that when I build, I have absolutely no UI…the only time my UI shows is in Debug version. How can I fix this?
-Sine On Synth

  • Make sure the uidesc file is inside the resource folder of your vst3 plug-in
  • Can you post a Screenshot?

The .uidesc file is in the resources folder.
Here’s the snapshot of what the debug and release versions look like:

It looks like that it cannot find the images. Are they also in the resource folder next to the uidesc file?

Yes, they are next to the .uidesc.

So, are you on Windows, or macOS, which host are you using? When on Windows, did you make sure to copy the whole vst3 folder and not only the dll?

I run it directly from its build directory, since my daw allows for file paths other than the VST3 folder…
My computer is windows.