UI Parameters Reset on Slot Select

Has anyone had this problem?

I’m busy with 2 scripts on 2 different slots. One doesn’t have a UI, but the one that does, resets some of its parameters every time I go back to its slot. Only the parameters created in the UI script seem to do this. It seems to reset to the state from when the Cubase project was opened.

I then remembered I have the same problem with another instrument and its page selection which is triggered from the UI. When you close Sonic or Sonic SE, it resets to the 1st screen when you reopen it.

The developers resource mentions that the UI script only runs when visible, so I’m guessing there is some sort of initialisation that occurs when opening Halion/Sonic/SE again or selecting slots.

The variables transferred from the script module to the UI don’t appear to retain their values when reopening.

Any guesses / solutions ?