UI Question about hiding notehead

Sometimes in my workflow, I often need to hide note heads or stems.
I just get frustrated because the option is only available in engrave mode.
And it just adds an additional step of switching modes, which adds few seconds.

I can’t do this at the end where i do all my engraving work, because sometimes I just forget some notes need to be changed and I just forget.

I am a composer, who mainly uses to write music, and its these little nuggets of idea that i want to quickly jot down in dorico.

does anyone have a solution to this?
Why is this option only available in Engrave mode?

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You can create a script that switches to Engrave mode, sets the property, and then switches back to Write mode.

Then you can access the script from the Script menu (or even from the Jump Bar with a shortcut).

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The “engrave mode” part is reserved for the pro version.
But, I remember if my memory is good that there had been an announcement, it was already quite a while ago that there would no longer be as much distinction between write and engrave, and according to this that I understood that we could do more things in engrave mode without going back to write mode.

Regarding your question: hide note heads or stems.
Even if these functions have been added in engrave mode since version 5, I always use “custom scale” by setting the value “1” because there is no need to scroll horizontally in the properties and in addition we have it also found in “write mode”.
Many will tell you that it is enough to do “keycommands” unfortunately I do not use Dorico every day, and therefore mentally remembering all these keycommans is impossible for me and I have to open my “wordaround” notebook each time which does not don’t go any faster, and don’t want something like “stream deck”

Nevertheless the solution of @benwiggy is also quite good