UI request for next maintenance release: increase contrast in light mode

I’m one of those strange few who very much hates dark mode anything, so I use Dorico in the light mode (horror of horrors, I know). One thing that has me slightly frustrated is the fact that the new toggles and text are so light that there is almost no contrast in their ‘off’ state. They improve once you activate them: the text gets darker and the toggles turn blue; if I had to guess this choice was made to make it easier to see exactly what HAS been activated. That’s fine, I suppose, but the tiny grey text on a grey background lacks contrast to such a degree by default that it’s frustrating to try and read the options, especially at a distance. Is there any way a bit more contrast could be brought back to the text and perhaps even to the toggles in their off state? It’s particularly odd because other certain options (such as the lyric options shown here) are darker by default, but then the others aren’t. Thanks for considering.


There’s a difference between properties that are local and those that are global, which accounts for the bold/non-bold difference, but I’ll certainly feed this back to Anthony so he can consider it.

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I have roughly the same complaint WRT gray text on dark background in Dark Mode. Contrast is getting bit too low for my deteriorating eyesight.

My eyes are okay (so far) with reading the grey text, but I agree about the inactivated buttons. I can’t see the button at all in that state. And when I zoom in on the screen enough to see the color contrast, I can’t tell which is the button and which is the background.

I also find, when I activate a button, the tiny change in width caused by changing the button text to semibold is somewhat disturbing. It would be nice if, as you said Daniel, the bold distinction signified global vs. local properties, but I’m not seeing that. I see the font weight change only for activating a button (redundant with the color change).

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