UI suggestions / requests

  1. Padshop is awesome, however one tiny thing that would make things more intuitive is to see the knobs turn when the LFO is working. For example, if I have the cutoff linked to LFO1, I’m able to set the value with the matrix, but it would be easier to understand what the cutoff is doing if the cutoff dial moved as well like it does in Serum.

  2. Another small UI improvement is to have the color of all the knobs change from orange to aqua when in spectral mode. Right now only the oscillator changes, which is okay, but it would make more sense if the entire interface changed color so granular mode is orange and spectral mode is aqua.


I add to this very sensible UI requests. We indeed can see knobs moving when we apply realtime controls (MIDI cc and modwheel) , so it would be beautiful and useful to see the knobs moving also with modulation (and if more mod sources are applied, the total knob motion of course).

The aqua color for spectral mode is particularly needed for the arp and fx tabs, since you have no aqua reference there (in the synth page, you at least have the waveform display in view).