UJAM vsts are coming up with blank screens

Tried to open the same vsts on LIVE 11 with no problem, this has happened since installing the update. I have uninstalled C13 pro and installed again but no luck. even uninstalled the UJAM vsts and i have the same problem. Devs, please fix or send me some help please. This happens with every maintenance patch. I am tempted not too upgrade to the newest patch in fear of, an unusable Cubase 13.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think UJAM even load a VST3 version when you install them. They stopped showing up for me in Live when I disabled VST2 a while back. I’ve never seen them in Cubase 13

UJAM recently updated a number of their VG series to VST3. The ones I’m showing as VST3 right now are AMBER2, CARBON, IRON2, SILK2, and SPARKLE2 – also USYNTH (not in the VG series).

All of those loaded their interfaces on Cubase 13.0.40 for me (and the ones I used in earlier versions of Cubase 13 also did). I also just tried the ones that are still VST2 (same list as above without the “2”), and they also loaded their interfaces just fine.

FWIW, I am on Windows 10.

If you haven’t updated the software recently, it may be worth going into the UJAM app to update the ones that have VST3 versions available now (I think it was in the VST3 versions came in the last few months).

I do wish they’d update the “non-2” versions to VST3, as well, since the patterns in the “2” versions are not a superset of the earlier versions, so this is one key set of products where I don’t just disable the VST2 versions after getting the VST3 versions. :frowning: