Last month, we wrapped up the last episodes (52) of an Animated Series called “Uki”.
The show is currently On Air in a bunch of countries, and has recently been bought by the BBC.
For the record, we did not produce the TV commercial and the song.

No real episodes are to be found on the webiste, but there are a two episodes online on Youtube.

We took care of the complete audio design. Music, SFX, Voices, etc …
All done in N5, and in all honestly, we couldn’t have done it without N5.
Clip packages and Pitch driver were the two N5 features which made that we could finish this within time and budget.


Congratulations, nice job Fredo.

Uki is cuddly, cute, upbeat and very, very curious. Uki is full of amazement at the magical world around him which holds no fear for him, just huge potential and endless fun! In the process of exploring, Uki always learns something new and exciting.

Are you Uki ?
Sure you are…
It’s time to change your avatar…


Hahaha … :laughing: no, not really.
But if you want to hear me, I am voicing the Turtle, Hedgehog, Duck and Squirrel.
Thanks to the excellent Pitch Driver. Turtle is my real voice though. :confused:


Will check that!! :smiley:

Cute! How was the cake? But I usually prefer Doctor Snuggles in the evening :sunglasses: