Ukraine: Cubase 11 to 12 update not available to purchase

Hi, I’ve just tried to upgrade the Cubase version to 12 and got this error:

And Ukraine isn’t even in the list:

Why my country isn’t on the list?
It was before, because I’ve bought Cubase v10.5 before and then upgraded it to v11.


Who knows at this moment in time? Have you tried changing your country in the shopping pages?

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I’m just afraid that sanctions against Russia/Belarus somehow might have affected the ability to make purchases in the near countries or something. I know that some companies have been lazy and got Ukraine included in the abstract “Russian” economical region (from the top of my head at least EA Games and Ubisoft, even prices in the digital store were in rubles instead of ukrainian currency).

Answering your question - I’m hoping that official steinberg representatives might know, at any moment in time. That’s why I’m asking at the official forum :slight_smile: And there seems to be no such UI element to change a country in the shopping pages, except the one on the checkout page.


I hope you, family/friends are well and safe.


And global Steinberg’s support is also not available for Ukraine, I can’t create a ticket. Support redirects me to some ukrainian musical shop. Which, quite understandably, doesn’t work.

Welp, I guess no Cubase 12 until this nightmare ends?


did found any answers from steinberg?

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Nope, nothing. Can’t create a support ticket, didn’t get any official answer on the forum too. :frowning:

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Come on, Steinberg! This is really serious and absurd… Are you sanctioning Ukrainians?! :confused: Sergey should, at least, get some official statement.


Same problem.
Please fix this.
The war goes on, but we have a lot of volunteer work with anti-war and documentary videos. Anyways, it is always better to have a new actual version of the DAW.
Greetings from Kyiv!


This should be shown the same priority to fix these as the rest of the world’s business and governments have shown. The directives need to come from the parent company - Yamaha

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Join too, and hi from kyiv.


Certainly not. Neither Yamaha nor Steinberg GMBH administer the stores directly, plus the stores don’t necessarily control restrictions placed by payment processors. Furthermore, they might contract with other 3rd parties for infrastructure, website maintenance, etc.

I don’t know if it would help or not, but sending the question to one of the shops directly might be helpful.

I observed that there is a new store, so there are now two. The new one, according to the website accepts Paypal.

Here’s the link

Note that I’m not a Steinberg employee, these are simply observations I’ve made by looking at the web pages.

Thanks for the info Steve!

I’ve actually created a ticket to that “asknet Solutions AG” support just earlier today. So, waiting if they could clear this out.

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This is just ridiculous.
Ukrainian banking system works, both internal and external payments work.

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Mm, what? Its a joke, steinberg? Wtf

I’ve found an upgrade on Sweetwater shop, not sure if it’ll work though.
Could someone from Steinberg at least clarify if I’ll be able to redeem the code on the Products page in my account?

As far as I know, the system is indifferent to location during the activation. But my reply isn’t an official reply.

Sweetwater is a human company, you might ask them about a refund for an unused activation code.

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Got it, thanks again, Steve.
I’ll probably will try this tomorrow.

Cubase 11 it is, I guess.

Good evening we are from Ukraine. How to fix the problem?