Ukulele Sample Library

My instrument was not in the list on the Expression Map, so I added it: Ample Ethno Ukulele. Then I clicked Import Library, Any Readable file (*.doricolib), but the AEU-Library folder wasn’t importable. I added the instrument again, as AEU Ukulele, but Import Library still didn’t access the library.

The items in the library are named, e.g., AEUCm-14.ascf and AEULo-8.ascf . I’m out of my depth in this area; perhaps Fred could tell me how he installed his bass sounds.


For starters, just take the Default expression map, duplicate it, call the new map “Default + Octave” or something, and change the Transpose value to 12. In your Endpoint Setup select the new map you created. Now when the chords play back are they correct?

Thanks for your tips. I duplicated the Default expression map and changed the name. I saw that I could change the Transpose value up or down an octave, but I didn’t see an independent Transpose value place. I selected the new map in Endpoint Setup and played Chords. Alas, some “chords” just play single notes. Sorry to say, I feel like I’m stumbling around in the dark; this is an area I’ve never explored.

Once the new instrument is set up and behaving correctly, will it be available in all subsequent Dorico projects, or will I have to set it up for each project?

You can save a playback template and set it to be the default one to be loaded for future projects. You can read an introduction to playback templates here.

Thank you, Daniel; I read the suggested section, but I’m out of my depth, and have unwittingly silenced all sounds.
What I need—and I don’t ask whimsically—is someone to properly install the Ample Ethno Ukulele library for me. I’ve nearly finished creating a template that I’ll use for many projects; authentic playback is the last element. That Someone may contact me at to discuss specifics.

I’ll ask my colleague @John_at_Steinberg if he might be able to spare the time to help you get set up.


Daniel, you’re indefatigable, and endlessly helpful. Thank you kindly for all you do.