ULF!!!!!!! :-(

I seemed to be praising PLAY 5.01 a bit too soon.

I did install it and when I switched to to “Play Mode” windows I noticed (for the firsts time) a second VST.

  1. Hallion
  2. Symphonic Orchestra

THIS made me think it worked…but tonight when I wanted to use a sound from EWQLSO and loaded the VST…well you’ll see on the pic what I mean.

Regarding the picture. The 2 top VST instances are what is in Dorico. Notice the Title bar…the left one is Hallion…the right one is “Symphonic Orchestra” (which I thought was PLAY). The bottom VST is what Play 5.01 looks like…but you obviously know this.

WHAT ON EARTH happened here. Where did this “Symphonic Orchestra” VST come from? It almost looks like the Hallion VST…but quite different.

Dorico is starting to melt my brain. This software is quite a different beast to learn.

Warm greetings form the Cape.
Play Premature2.JPG
Play Premature.JPG

(Halion) Symphonic Orchestra (HSO) is basically the orchestral library. Halion (more correctly, Halion Sonic SE (HSSE)- full Halion is a separate commercial product) is a sample player that can load all the HSO samples.

In general there isn’t really any need to use HSO directly: just use HSSE. It can do all the same stuff. If you are seeing ‘Symphonic Orchestra’ showing up when it’s really Play then that suggests that Dorico or the VST scanner hasn’t got all the correct IDs. I would suggest running the cleanup script that’s linked in the FAQ (note: backup any custom preferences or VST whitelists first, if required). This will cause the VST scanner to re-index all the VSTs and Dorico will update it’s information.

Hello Hans,
as Paul already pointed out, HSO is primarily a sample library with lots and lots of sound files. Because we do sell it also as a standalone product, it also comes with an instrument plug-in that can play all these samples. This instrument plug-in is what you see as “Symphonic Orchestra”. It is so to speak the HSO player. It is a spec-down version of HALion Sonic SE and can only ever play one sound at a time, whereas HALion Sonic SE can play up to 16 simultaneously. Because HALion Sonic SE can also play the HSO sounds, Dorico is using exclusively HSSE as player, because being able to produce 16 instruments at the same time is much more efficient in terms of CPU and memory usage. “Symphonic Orchestra” just gets installed with Dorico, because we use the standard installer of HSO which also installs the “player” instrument.
But as I say, Dorico itself will completely ignore “Symphonic Orchestra” in a way, that it will never use it automatically. Dorico will only ever instantiate HSSE. If Symphonic Orchestra turns up, then only because the user chose it via the list of available instruments. In your case it only turns up, because you mistook it for EastWest’s Play.

Now for Play. So you have installed 5.0.1 and it doesn’t turn up in the list of available instruments, right?
Have you edited the whitelist to allow Play? If so, please try to delete the folder Users//AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/VSTAudioEngine and then start Dorico again. If Play still does not turn up, please send me your whitlelist as well as the zipped up content of that VSTAudioEngine folder.


please change this - HSO should also play more then one sound simultaneously :astonished: ( i’am cubase and HSO user )

I love you guys…thanks for taking the trouble to explain.



Now I have access to two fantastic VST’s…HSO and EWQL! :wink:

Thanks guys!!
Hans :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Play Working.JPG

You’re welcome :smiley:

We see no need to do so. Together with Cubase also HALion Sonic SE is bundled and that can also load all the HSO sounds.

:laughing: Then I hope that all HSO -users have read your text