Ultimate Key Commands!!!

Hey guys,

Has anyone tried to set up a key command for every possible function in Cubase (1000+ funchtions)?

I tracked down this program called HIDmacros which will allow one to use multiple keyboards and set up their own macros, but I haven’t tried it out yet. Does anyone have keyboard preset files they’d be willing to share?

aptmusic9-Read your post and got HIDmacros just for kicks. Actually looks like it will be a really helpfull tool if one sets it up correctly. My thanks to you for posting this.
Since i use Reason with Cubase quite a bit, Just goofing around for a few minutes, I was able to create a macro in a few clicks that would open Reason rewire in Cubase without having to minimize the Cubase window to gain access to the Reason Icon on my desktop.
Probably :question: other ways to do that within Cubase if I did some research, but the 2nd keyboard idea seems logical to me, if you use a lot of them. :bulb: Will experiment more as time allows.

I’m surprised at how few key command presets are included with CB5. Although there is “CB5 key commands”, I imagine the developers and hard-core users would have an ultimate, tweaked to perfection key commands preset. Maybe they dont want to share :wink: