Ultra Wide Monitor 3440x1440 with Cubase

Next level, eh!

Hey Steve,

Good stuff! Can you please tell us with which plugins you experience resize issues/stretched interfaces? I am also considering a ultrawide monitor :slight_smile:

Do you not miss the screen real estate width wise? I’ve got 2 24" monitors next to each other and that means I get 44" of width (barring the bezel edges where they join.)

Mind you I run arranger on one and mixer on t’other so I suppose that’s a bit different…

I suppose that depends on your screen res. I’m running two 22.5" monitors side by side at 1680x1050. The same single screen Steve is running beats my resolution so there would be slightly more space on screen using one monitor

I’ve got 2X27” Dell U2715H with 2560x1440 resolution and very thin bezels. It is very comfortable to work with Cubase.

I bought recently 21:9 34" LG monitor and didnt regret any second. I am glad that i chose it over 4k TV (picture quality, space and distance view etc) Cubase looks really good, have enough space for mixer mediabay and rme digicheck.

You get MORE SCREEN as the resolution is much higher. And no annoying bezzels obscuring your view.

No problems with any. Some look a little small, but all my main plugs (sylenth, Lush, U-He stuff) are all scalable

Yeah, I use a Iiyama 28", but at 3008 x 1692. @ 4k settings, it gets a tad too small for me… :confused:

I just recently started using Cubase iC Pro for that. :mrgreen:

new to the forum…interested in buying two Dell monitors instead of a widescreen.
But I need to know if a Dell U2715H (2560x1440) is going to give me problems, re being able to read whats on the screen!
Getting on a bit…eyesight is ok but…?!! Could anyone (SteelyDani?) pm me and give me some advice re potential problems/ how to set things up? The other programs I use are Sibelius 7.5 and VSL ensemble Pro6. I can’t PM SteelyDani as I’m new to the forum!..

hey steve!
I have some question…
did you use the monitor whit hackintosh?
can you tell me what graphic card did you use?
did you use monitor whit display port?
75 herz works whitout problem in hackintosh?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Personally I am saving for one of these: Dell U4919DW Curved Display Unveiled: 49 Inches, 5120x1440

5120x1440 res!

and a graphics card to drive it!