UltraNova Routing USB audio with UR44

Hi, I have just bought an Ultranova and want to connect to Cubase 8. I know I can simply connect the outs from the Ultranova to the ins on the UR44 but wanted to connect using only USB. I was expecting to be able to choose Ultranova as an input somewhere. I am pretty sure this is achievable but not managed it yet.
There is another issue that confuses me, is USB capable of sending/receiving midi as well as audio at the same time?
I am expecting to have to create a midi track with the Ultranova as the source and then an audio track with the Ultranova/USB audio as the source.

If anyone has an external synth set up using USB for audio I would love to know how you routed it in Cubase.


Yes you could do that, but Cubase can only use 1 ASIO driver at the time. That means that, once you select your Ultranova ASIO driver in device setup you can do exactly as you describe, but your UR44 in and outputs will no longer be available.