Ultrasonic Recording


I am trying to analyze the ultrasonic spectrum of a recorded signal.
I purchased the UR12 audio interface and connected Beringer C2 mic.

After recording with 192K sample rate, I noticed that there is no frequencies above 22K.

Does anyone knows whether the Steinberg UR12 can record ultrasonic signals?



no, it can’t - but you can’t capture those frequencies with the C2 mic as well (20Hz - 20KHz).

What you want to do requires specialized gear - Ultrasonic transducers (not a normal mic or speakers) specialized preamp, A/D D/A converters, even the analytical software would need to be specialized unless you stick with hardware, in which case you’ll also need a proper spectrum analyzer or appropriate oscilloscope. :wink:

Why does the UR12 cant record ultrasonic frequencies? Is it the amplifier? it has a good sample rate (192K).

Most of the music / audio equipment is band-limited to the hearing range, although with some tolerance (not unusual to see a 15 - 22000 Hz range). The UR22 is no exception, its preamplifiers have such a range indeed.