Ultrawide monitor

I am considering changing my 3 x 24" screen setup (each 1920 x 1080) for one Samsung 49" QLED Curved FreeSync C49HG90. The only drawback being 3840x1080 resolution, mainly the 1080p height.

What are the experiences of the Cubase users with ultrawide screens?

Why not just get a 3440x1440 instead?

I have been looking at those as well, e.g. Acer 38" Curved LED Free-Sync XR382CQK which has 3840 x 1600 which is cheaper compared to the Samsung, Anyways … a first world problem.

I got a sweet deal, I ordered a 3440 x 1440 px - 35" AOC 35" G-sync curved monitor.

Just saw C49HG90 in computer store today and immediately thought it (or similar one) will be my next studio PC display. Could you please clarify your reasons on choosing AOC instead of Samsung or Acer ones?

OTOH I may not be able to switch to ultra-wide monitor, because I’m using Wacom tablet instead of a mouse, and they are not a good combination :cry:

The thing that held me back going for the Samsung were the 1080p height and the price. The deal I got lasted only for a few days and meant a discount of 30% of the normal price. This made the AOC 35" about half the price of the Samsung C49HG90, it has G-sync instead of Free-sync, plus more pixels in total than the Samsung.