um-one driver issue

I use a Roland midi to usb cable called um-one. In device set up under mid port set up, it will list the device. Often, it just is not there and as a result my midi keyboard cannot communicate with the software. Sometimes I will re-download the drivers and it will work but sometimes not. sometimes turning off the software or even shutting off the computer will allow it to magically reappear. Any thoughts?


I would recommend to (re)install the driver as an Administrator.

I did that but the problem persists. I am wondering if I should just invest in an audio interface that has a midi in.


I don’t think it’s necessary to buy an Audio Interface just because I’d this. This should work too. I would recommend to get in touch with the um-one vendor for the support.

I must confess this is something I have not done. I will reach out to them.