Um, where is the IRV setting in Dorico 4.2? (divisi playback)

I swear I saw it last time under the Play tab, in “routing”. Where is it now?

I don’t understand it much but does this help from the manual?

I do not see that in 4.2. No access to the old IRV button. This has really made assigning voices arcane if not impossible. The former way was better.


The icon has changed, but the functionality remains the same…

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Not as I recall. There is no apparent means to assign the additional voices to new MIDI channels.

Once you have clicked on the ‘new’ IRV icon, no longer called IRV, you select the track in PLAY mode and assign a midi channel. You will have to create more voices in WRITE mode for them to show up in PLAY mode, after which you can assign a midi channel using the track inspector. I’m not in front of Dorico right now, but I’m almost certain that the functionality is the same as before.

OK so In my case, selecting the cello section (the one I wanted a divisi on) and pressing that button where the IRV used to be, worked.

Sorry, egg on my face. I’ve updated my laptop to 4.2 but not my desktop…

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I still found the old way (where the lefthand panel expanded the tracks) easier to navigate than the new version in which one has (apparently) to skip from panel to panel to find and change voice assignments. I’m not happy with this. It seems a step backward.

Once you’ve enabled independent voice playback, you then need to select each voice track (that appears below the instrument track, slightly nested, ie indented, so you can tell which instrument the voices belong to) in order to change the corresponding voice’s routing.

Instrument tracks with IVP enabled won’t show any routing options, just the option to disable IVP and return to one routing for the whole instrument track.

All being well, you’ll see some updated documentation with pictures for this very soon…


I’d wait the end of the Play mode rebuilding before jumping on conclusions. The Team must have had a very good reason to implement it this way — they’re not known for doing things without giving a real thought to them…

I’ve sent John Barron an e-mail to see if he could include it in a forthcoming Discover Dorico episode.

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Thank you, Lillie. Those would be very helpful.