umm can I get that verb in a plug-in?

Dear Steinberg,

Love that reverb.

Love the simple 3 band EQ interface, sounds fantastic.

How about a quick free plug-in, maybe sort of like the DJ series little EQ/filter plugs. Just the small 3 band interface with easy to grab handles for quick automation, nothing else, but a wet/dry. Do something special and drop us a download link for this reverb.



Apparently no one automated, scooped and swept it over a pad. The algo + filter combo on that thing are like peanut butter and jelly.

Yes !

Love the Padshop Pro Reverb.

It would be wonderful if Steinberg offered this reverb as a VST3 plug-in. It shouldn’t be difficult to do this, since it already exists :wink:


I too would love to see the Padshop Pro reverb as a plugin, both for Cubase and especially for HALion to use with the grain oscillator to use as if Padshop Pro is in HALion itself.