Un-condense parts

Hi fellow doricons,

with the new playback features and more to come I was encouraged to build expression maps for Aaron venture and sample Modeling instruments. They sound greate!!! But since they are monophonic, all my divisi sections of former projects don’t work anymore. What I do is to set up an additional voice in the corresponding stave and shift all the voices over to it. That really takes a lot of time. Is there or will there be a way to do that automatically? Create two or more voices from one stave with chords in it?

You need to enable independent voice playback. Each divisi staff uses a different voice (like normal Up-stem/Down-stem voices). You can then send each one to a separate VST or channel.

Thank you for the very fast reply. That procedure I tried do describe Obote.
I have this notation I once inserted as chords (many xml files I get see that as chords, too):

The monophonic instruments I use can’t play well. So I do what you said an enable different voice playback:

But I then still all notes are in the same voice and I have to shift them to the other voice:

I was hoping that Dorico could convert chords in to different voices automatically

You have to filter your chords to one note, then move the selection to a different voice.

How can I do that?

Select the bars where you have the 2-note chords.
Right-click>Filter>Notes in Chords>Bottom or single notes
Right-click>Voices>Change Voice>New downstem voice

Thanks so much