Un-condensing condenses another group

when I want to ‘un-condense’ my bassoons, the trumpets are condensed,
when I ‘un-condense’ my trumpets, the bassoons are condensed.

I created EVERY player again from scratch as a solo player…the same problem !

Did anybody ever had the same problem?

I get crazy today with Dorico.
Composed: 5 minutes
Trying to solve Dorico problems: 5 hours

I removed ALL of my ‘condensing’ hidden markers, really all of them and the instruments STAY condensed…

Important: We recommend being careful and deliberate about your manual condensing choices. Dorico Pro follows your manual condensing settings exactly, even if they produce ambiguous results.
(Condensing Change dialog)

@Jazzisfaction sorry to hear about your difficulties - if you can share the project here, it might be quicker for someone to look at the specifics and hopefully identify something to get both what you want as a result and in a clear way.

There can only be one Condensing Change at any rhythmic position. Is it possible that you’re adding a Condensing Change for the trumpets, then trying to add a separate Condensing Change for the bassoons? If so, don’t; add a single Condensing Change that has things ticked for sets of players.

Yes, I’m certain that’s what Peer will be doing, particularly given that his post in this other thread demonstrates that he hasn’t yet understood that the Condensing Change dialog shows all of the condensing changes for a given rhythmic position. I know this stuff is subtle, but it is explained in the documentation (e.g. here).

You guys always stay friendly - that’s astonishing.
I’m sorry for my rude comments but sometimes Dorico isn’t intuitive at all. And it costs hours and hours to get the right things going and it is really not good for the workflow.

Back to the point: I think all of you are right.

I can only suggest 2 things to everybody if working with condensing:

  1. NEVER do it when the work is still in progress - only just before it is finalized
  2. Another bad thing: NEVER use Dorico orchestra-templates if you want to work with condensing. If you want to have a unified layout, you have to change all the instruments from the Dorico template into solo-players.
    Before doing that, you can directly create your own orchestra-template.

I don’t understand this observation. All the players in the Dorico templates are already solos, except (obviously) the strings.

Indeed, and even where you conventionally use section players, like for strings, Dorico can condense them too, if needed (e.g. for divisi passages within a violin section – or it can even condense violins 1 and 2 together if you really want it to).

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Yes, everybody is right. But the ‘instrument-layout’ on the left side of the staves looks different either you take a section player or a solo-player or a template. And this is sth I don’t understand. Why can’t there be a unified layout for condensing no matter which players you are using?

Are you referring to the list in the Condensing Change dialog, or something else?

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-17 um 08.02.08

To this…3 different instrument name-ings when condensing

Well, there are options if you need more consistency on this. By the way, the way the trumpets behave is not expected. Have you manually changed their name, or added the numbers?

That’s exactly the thing Marc. I used a Dorico template. When I erase the trumpets and create new solo-players I get the proper layout.
As usual I think I’m doing things wrong but there might be a slight possibility that the condensing-instrument-naming is not yet 100% checked out from the Dorico side.

Ok! That’s interesting. I admit I never use those templates, so I never ran into those issues. It’s certainly a good thing to have such feedback, maybe the team can revise those templates when time allows…