Un-Mute problem using A&H Qu-16 as DAW contoller for Cubase 10 Artist

I have a Problem using A&H QU-16 as DAW Controller for Cubase 10 Artist (connectio via USB-Midi, Generic Controller).
In direction QU-16 --> Cubase the mute/un-mute button of a channel works fine and the DAW follows the commands.

In reverse direction Cubase --> QU-16 only the mute command works fine but the channel button on desk stays muted when the un-mute function in DAW is clicked.

I configured the Mute command in Generic Controller using the learning function, MIDI channel and address are set when the mute button on desk is pressed … so I think that’s fine.

QU-16 has firmeware verion 1.95, that’s the latest one.

I’d be happy to get some advice or ideas :wink:

Best Regards