Un-Remove rests

How do I unremove rests?

Remove Rests has removed a crotchet rest at the start of the bar that I need, rather than a blank beat.

I can’t work out how to use Start Voice to do this.

I can force a rest, but I know this is a bad way to do it…

What is the right way?

I’d advise you to turn on voice colours, then scroll back until you find the last time that the relevant voice was visible. You should find that the last visible item has the “ends voice” property selected. Unselect it and your remover rest(s) should reappear.

This is how I was thinking, but the last note in that voice (only one voice per staff in this case) doesn’t have the property selected.
I’ve selected and unselected start and end here and on the note after the missing rest, without any change.

What about selecting the last visible item in that voice and repeating it, or creating a new note after it? Try doing that, and then deleting that note - does the rest reappear?

Another thought - is this a situation where the rest is missing because there’s a full bar of cross-staff stuff going on? If so, you’ll need to force a rest.

This didn’t work in the next bar, or the next three… but it did work in the bar immediately preceding the missing rest.

Except, I have the problem in four different staves. This fixed three of them…

Update: The fourth one fixed when I put notes in the bar before in up- and down-stem voices.

I’d still like to understand why

You might instead have ‘Starts voice’ set on the note on the second beat of that bar – that would also cause a rest at the start of the bar not to appear.

Daniel, that was the first thing I checked. I’m sure there is a logic to it that I’m missing atm…

Well, attach the project here (you can cut it down to just a few bars using the Shift+B popover) and I’ll take a look.

Will do. Thank you.