una corda

In most scores I know “una corda” is written in lowercase, not “Una Corda” (the same with “tre corde”). Can there be an option in Dorico?

Just I am looking at a piano piece from the 19th century where in the last 6 bars the una corda pedal is required, so there is no need to write at the end of the piece tre corde. How get I rid of “tres corde”?

See screenshot for the properties you need to set for a “one-time” situation.
There’s a global setting in Engraving Options > Pedal Lines: Una corda pedal appearance for continuation of line.
Set that to “none” and the “tre corde” should disappear throughout your score.

Sorry, was trying and struggling to change the screenshot as I found a better option - attached to THIS post.

Cool, thank you :slight_smile:

There will be an option to control the case of the text at the start and end of an una corda pedal line in the forthcoming minor update.