Unable lo load big project


I created a big orchestral template a year ago with Cubase 7 Elements, when my computer had just 16 GB of ram. Now, with 32 GB and with Cubase 7, when I try to open that project or another *.bak file of the same project, it starts to loading instances, etc but Cubase crashes and not always appears the same message, sometimes it tells me Cubase can’t run, or than there is a problem with project, save with another name…sometimes tells me “memory corrupted”…and once, just once I loaded the project!!

The problem is the same with another CPR files created meanwhile the final template was perfeclly adjusted…

These CPR files are big…in order of 20 to 29 mb of file…but, How it’s possible to create those big projects with the Elements version and 16 gb of ram, and now with the double of ram and the full cubase 7 version, i Can’t??

I spend almost a year to create that template with a lot of different libraries, reverbs, and sound stage positioning software!

Please, any advice?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

  1. Make sure, you are using 64-bit Cubase.
  2. Make sure, your Cubase is up-to-date.
  3. Make sure, all of your plug-Ins are up-to-date.
  4. Make sure, eLCC is up-to-date.

Does it still crash?

Hi Martin,

Al that optionsare ok, cubase is updated, Lcc is updated, my Cubase 7 is 64 bit versión…but, I am not sure all the plugins are updated…Just the necessary group of the plugins used on the project…I note every time it try to load some Kontakt instances, changed of Hard disk, ask me about where is located that library in particular…I guide it where to find them, all it’s ok…but…more or less, always crashes…just once It was succesfully charged!! tha’s the most strange thing.!!

with cubase updated to 7.0.7 sometimes the message is :

C:\Users\Xavi\Documents\Steinberg\Crashdumps\Cubase 64 bit 2015.9.7 18.58dmp

This is the crashlog file, which could be resolved and find the issue, by Steinberg engineers.

Strange… Did you try to load the project back in Cubase Elements?

Btw: The project cannot be so big. Cubase Elements is pretty limited by the count of tracks. :wink: