Unable tie same same notes no matter how much I try to work around this

So… I am trying to tie bunch of notes within an 11/8 tuplet - a group of 3 32nds to be tied to an eight .
While I was doing o.k. in the lower stave, it was impossible for me to do the same in the upper stave. I was trying to tie using the piano roll editor but notation came out very complex and peculiar…

  • in this tuplet L.H. is playing F, Ab, Bb, E and ties it to a dotted 1/16 within the 11/8 tuplet then it repeats and ends the tulplet - above the tied notes R.H. is playing D#, C#, C(n) and again i was trying to tie them till the end of the tuplet - over the L.H. but no success.
    Thing is that it worked very well for the L.H… in both cases each of the tied notes source is a group of for 32nd notes within the tuplet tied to a dotted 16th and to an eight on the 2nd time however notes are 32 only in order not to clutter the page to much tried many hours - no solution - hope you can come with an idea… bests - Rami.

Hey Rami,

I don’t have my computer with at the moment. The only things I can suggest are:

  • select the first note to be tied and hit T until it’s tied enough times
  • select all the notes you want tied - eg select all the F’s that you want connected - and then hit T.
  • would it be easier to read by using l.v.?

It might be a bit easier to understand if you can attach a screenshot along with your description.

If you are getting notes combining that you want to stay separate, you must force duration on the earlier note first and then tie.

Another approach: If you have the rhythm the way you want in one staff, you could copy it to the other staff and re-pitch it with lock duration.

thanks very much for your reply and willingness.
I a m not sure what l.v. means.
Eventually I clicked in notes to be tied and pushed them to another voice, then I tied them and at least graphically this works. ( I am copying from a score ).
I am afraid the the T technique will create an overly cluttered notation presentation , I think its a combination of let ring and a tie…
Thanks very much .
Cheers - Rami.

thanks very much for your reply - I need to research the force duration issue.
Thanks very much for the toips.
Cheers - Rami.

L. V. is laissez vibrer, which is the small extended tie from a note that just hangs there and does not attach to a second note. It indicates that a note should be sustained indefinitely.

Yes, I saw it in text format not as that small tie… I think it must be the l.v. marking… I didn’t find the little tie you have mentioned and yes I am aware of its existence :slight_smile:
Thanks for your input :slight_smile:
So I have used the piano roll to determined the note value and then had to move it to a different voice.
Thanks so very much for your assistance.
p.s. - I have found the little tie of the let ring markings :slight_smile: - thanks again.

A screenshot would work wonders. Trying to imagine your score in my head isn’t going so well.

Sometimes it’s easiest to simply cmd/ctrl+click the first and last notes that you want to tie together. I’ve never had this not work. Dorico won’t always tie notes by default if they are in different voices, for instance.

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