Unable to access Visibility Tab Cubase 10

Hello again,

Could someone explain to me how to access the ‘Visibility Pane’ so that I can move my BUS tracks in the MixConsole to the right, next to the main Stereo Out track?

The Visibility Pane is completely missing and it’s not available to add from the hidden panes

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/RTfU1OH

Number one troubleshooting tool: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206618850-Troubleshooting-for-Cubase-Nuendo-and-Sequel-on-Windows#preferences

hi there have u found the solution of this. i am currently facing the same problem.

Same here. Using Cubase Elements 11.0.0. At some point I recall seeing the Visibility tab next to the Inspector tab, but it’s gone and I can’t see how to add it again.
It IS showing in the Mixconsole pop-up window (F3), but any changes there do not show in the MixConsole tab in the Project Window. As a workaround to achieve the same goal, I found the Channel Type Filter in the Mixconsole Toolbar (click the three dots in the top left corner of the Mixconsole tab). This allowed me to hide all buses from the mixer view.

I was able to right-click on the blank space next to the Inspector-Tab and selecting “Visibiltiy” from there. (The UI is in German: Sichtbarkeit = Visibility)