Unable to activate Cubase Artist 11 uprade because of the grace period

Hey, I bought Cubase elements 11 on November during Black Friday and a while later I bought the Cubase Artist 11 Upgrade for Cubase Elements 11. I just recently got the e-liscencer and I’m trying to upgrade Cubase Elements 11 to Artist 11. I’m unable to do so because when I enter my activation code for the Artist 11 upgrade I get a message saying that there is no license to upgrade selectable. I think this is due to the fact that Cubase Element 11 is currently in grace period because of the release of Cubase 12. This means that I’m elligible to upgrade Cubase Element 11 to 12. If i do upgrade Cubase Elements 11 to 12 will I then be able to activate Cubase Artist 11. Will I be able to get a grace period on Artist 11 to get artist 12?

Have you dragged the eLicense on to the USB eLicenser?
You will need to do this.
As for the other questions I suspect only Steinberg support can answer for sure but to me it seems unlikely you’ll be able to upgrade Elements 12 to Artist 11 (and then hence Artist 12) if you do it that way. I would imagine you first need to sort out the issue with upgrading Elements 11 to Artist 11. Artist 11 should then be upgradable to Artist 12.


It depends, how old the upgrade license is. The first generation of the Download Access Codes have this issue. But from the user point of view, it doesn’t make sense. You need to buy the USB-eLicenser just for the transfer and you don’t need it anylonger.

The current generation of the code doesn’t require the USB-eLicenser.

Of this is the case, please get in contact with the Steinberg support. They will provide you a new code.

I agree it doesn’t make sense but he already has the e-Licenser.
Further discussion without the OP’s input will, I suspect, only serve to confuse them.

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Hey @13beaches, please open SAM (Steinberg activation manager) first and select “Check grace period” in the menu. You are eligible for the free update to Cubase Elements 12. I will then sent you a new DAC for the Elements 12 to Artist 12 update in. a PM.

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Thank you!