Unable to activate cubase elements 10

hi everyone,
I paid for cubase elements 10 in 2019 and forgot about it until today! I need to open a cubase project and i remembered that i had paid for this years back but now there seems to be no way to get help officially or find a way to activate my purchase.

Can someone please help me or guide me with how do i get a soft licence and how do i get cubase elements up and running, all i have is my invoice copy and activation code but no step by step manual on how to make this software run. Por favor, your help is much appreciated. thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Try to search in your emails for “Steinberg Download Access Code” or “Steinberg Activation Code” or “Steinberg Cubase Elements”, maybe you will find an email with the needed informations.

If you already activated your Cubase, get in contact with your local Steinberg support. Provide your email address. They should be able find your MySteinberg account.

If you didn’t activate your Cubase yet, get in contact with the seller. If you bought it from the Steinberg online shop, get in contact with AskNet, who operates the shop. They might be able to find your invoice and maybe there would be the Download Access Code.