Unable to activate new Cubase 10.5

When I first started Cubase 10.5 I was invited to enter an activation code, which I did. The dialogue popup told me the “currently installed version of the eLicenser Control (eLC) software is too old”. I went to www.eLicenser.net, downloaded and installed eLC Version, and tried to register eagain. After eLC took a couple of minutes to perform Maintenance tasks, I tried again to activate (this time running as admin), and again was told the version of eLC is “too old”.
I repeated the process, but again got the same result. I myself am starting to feel too old to continue doing this. Can you provide me some software that works? I am using Windows 10.0.17134, although not by choice. (Go Linux!)

Hi and welcome,

Make sure you enter an Activation Code, not Download Access Code, please.