unable to activate registration for steinberg/wavelab


I just bought a Zoom H1 and it comes with a free version of Wavelab LE.
So i just tried to register for an account and it says to wait for an activation link in my email.

You guessed it… No email…
So i tried to re-sent the email. And still no email.

Then i tried contating steinberg… But you have to have an activated account to make a support ticket.
And that is exactly the problem.

So i can’t download my free copy without activation.
I can’t activate my account because they won’t send me the activation link.
And i can’t contact them because you need an activated account to get there…

How can i still get my copy of Wavelab? I do have my acces code, but without an activated account, i can’t download the software. And i can’t get in touch with Steinberg about this.

Hello hypofocus, thanks for getting in touch. I do not know why you are not receiving the activation mail since our system seems to be working properly. However I’ll let my colleagues know so they can check it, just in case. Please check the private messages for the account activation links.

Thank you so much, that solved the problem!!!